Dental Contouring Can Address a Biting Surface Issue with a Tooth

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As the years go by, genetics and lifestyle factors can gradually start to alter the structure of your mouth. This can cause the biting surface of one tooth to threaten the lingual or other surfaces of another tooth. As this continues to develop, the misaligned teeth could lead to problems with dental attrition, chipped tooth enamel, and possibly dental fractures.

Once affected, any compromised areas of tooth enamel could possibly collect bacterial deposits contributing the tooth decay. In a significant case of dental attrition the compromised dental structure could make the tooth more prone to suffering a severe dental fracture.

If a compromised tooth is addressed in a reasonable amount of time a dentist like Dr. Jon Ormson might be able to minimize the relationship between the two teeth by performing a dental contouring treatment.

This treatment involves making minor edits to the tooth enamel biting surface of one or two teeth. This will decrease the occlusal relationship between the teeth. The minimal change will not affect the basic function of the teeth.

If it’s warranted, Dr. Jon Ormson might also advise orthodontic measures to eventually correct the alignment of your teeth.

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