Oral Hygiene Topic: Dental Sealants

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If you have you ever wondered if dental sealants are safe for children, the answer is yes. Not only are they entirely safe, but they should be used as soon as molars begin to erupt above the gums of a child, which often occurs around the age of 6. However, no matter your age, dental sealants can be beneficial.

When bacteria and food debris build up in your mouth, a thin layer called plaque arises. When plaque is exposed to ingredients such as sugar, it can transform the sugar particles into harmful acids that are capable of chewing through tooth enamel, causing dental erosion to take place. Dental sealants can endure the effects of harmful acids, and keep your tooth enamel, and ultimately your tooth, safe.

As stated by many studies done by the Center for Disease Control, children are three times more likely to develop cavities in their youth if they do not have dental sealants placed. Sealants are said to be so effective, that they can lower your chances for tooth decay by over 80%. Not only that, but they can last for many years after they have been placed, usually over a full decade. If your dental sealant should fail or wear out at any time, they can be easily repaired or replaced if needed.

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