The Hazards of Dental Erosion

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How effective are your health care treatments? Although dental damage can arise through blunt trauma, what are the most common forms of damage to our teeth is done microscopically. When your tooth enamel has been damaged from harmful acids that erode the thin layer on your teeth, it is known as dental erosion. Treatment methods for dental erosion include the following:

– Brush your teeth once daily to ensure all plaque debris, build up, and potential harmful acids are removed from between your teeth.
– Implement a healthy diet into your lifestyle. This includes avoiding sugars, sweets, sour products, soft drinks, and fruit drinks, all of which can help promote the rise of dental erosion.
– Brush your teeth twice every day with effective tools designed to reach all sides of every tooth.
– If you struggle with traditional flossing and brushing tools, switch to alternative cleaning utensils such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers, which are easier to operate.
– Saliva production has been shown to effectively neutralize harmful acids on your teeth and gums. To help promote the addition of saliva in your mouth, try chewing sugarless gum after meals. Mouthwash is also helpful for washing away acids and bacteria.

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