Tooth Brushing for Children Is a Key Successful Smiles

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means you have to take extra precautions to keep your child’s mouth safe from the dangers that lurk ahead. Although it’s important always brush and floss your child’s teeth on a daily basis, it is equally as important to monitor their diet and all snacks and treats they are consuming.

If you are planning on trick-or-treating with your child, be sure to exercise effective oral health care planning to ensure their teeth will be safe from sugary dangers that lurk within the wrappers. A child’s teeth are especially vulnerable given their size, so it is important to continue to brush their teeth twice every day and floss at least once a day as well.

When brushing a child’s teeth, always make sure their toothbrush is clean. This includes never sharing a toothbrush with your child or allowing it to touch any other toothbrush. A child’s toothbrush normally lasts less than 3 months before it needs to be replaced. When using toothpaste for a child, you should only use about a dab the size of a rice grain for children under 3, and a dab the size of a pea for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

With effective oral hygiene, your child’s smile will not only look better, but it can be healthier and safer too. If you would like to meet with Dr. Jon Ormson and our team at Jon Ormson DDS for an examination, please call 806-354-8526 to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Amarillo, Texas. Our wonderful staff is here to help you and your child get the smiles you deserve.