Why Scaling and Root Planing May Be Recommended

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When you receive a routine dental cleaning from your dentist, you typically have your gum line cleaned, too, to remove plaque from your smile. This is done to reduce your risk of gum disease, in which the gum tissues become inflamed due to a buildup of tartar and bacterial plaque. If you already have gum disease, we may recommend a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing to stop the disease from becoming more advanced.

As you have noticed, when your gums are healthy, they fit snugly to each tooth with no spacing. However, the bacterial plaque that builds up under the gums can cause the tissues to develop pockets that force the gums away from the teeth. If not treated, these pockets can worse gum disease so that you lose bone and teeth.

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical procedure that is usually performed to treat the first stages of gum disease. A special tool cleans away bacteria and tartar by scaling the tooth enamel and tooth roots. We then address rough surfaces and smooth them out so that they aren’t prime locations for harmful substances.

Our dentist performs scaling and root planing to improve the quality of the gums, as it helps them to firm up, reduce pockets and stop any bleeding. Following treatment, you may receive a prescription medication to keep infection away, and you may need to receive routine periodontal cleanings to prevent further gum recession and development of periodontal pockets.

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